Advisory Board Charter

Ninjacart seeks to organize and empower all participants in the agriculture value chain by leveraging technology and data. We are operating in an extremely complex ecosystem, comprising millions of stakeholders, from farmers to retailers.

Obviously, the needs of such a large and diverse set of participants would be manifold and diverse. Professionals from different sectors have been working on solving these problems, and we felt that their experience and input would be of utmost value in our endeavour. Towards this goal, we have constituted an advisory board which will offer guidance leveraging their expertise in the fields of agriculture, public policy, finance, platform theory, and technology. In our pursuit of creating value for all the players in the Agri-ecosystem, their guidance will be vital.

The advisory board’s members are professionals who come with decades of experience in diverse fields. They bring unparalleled expertise in the fields of Agri supply chain, rural financing, platform design, and fintech. Their perspectives on our strategic initiatives would be of immense value in digitally orchestrating the different value chain players towards a more efficient value chain functioning. It will also serve as a forum for our leadership team to get critical input on the approach to solving these problems and reaching out to the relevant stakeholders.


  • Mr. Jeedigunta Sathyanarayana
    Mr. Jeedigunta Sathyanarayana
    " I am pleased to be on the advisory board of Ninjacart, a company that is led by the vision of transforming the agriculture value chain. As the company continues to scale its impact and reach, we are sure to witness the next big leap forward for our farmer community."
  • Mr. Anand Sinha
    Mr. Anand Sinha
    "Ninjacart has shone in the agritech space brightly and has leveraged technological advancements in the best possible manner. I am sure that our work counsel will aid in scaling their impact in driving financial inclusion. I look forward to advising the company’s leadership and management to make a difference together."
  • Mr. Prakash Bakshi
    Mr. Prakash Bakshi
    "Post production value chain has been the weakest link in Indian agriculture, especially in fruits and vegetables. Ninja cart seeks to bring in efficiencies through improved logistics resulting in better market prices and consequent higher farm gate prices. India’ I look forward to advising Ninjacart's able leadership team."
  • Mr. T Nanda Kumar
    Mr. T Nanda Kumar
    " Ninjacart has been a disruptor in the agri-tech space. Its growth graph has impacted the industry positively. It is an absolute pleasure to be on an advisory board for them, especially now that it has decided to expand globally. With such an expert board being constituted, I foresee good times for the farmers and great things ahead."